astonishing <discernment> about yourself

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The Greek God

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India - Hindi
I praised a person on YouTube by commenting that :
" You have an astonishing Discernment about yourself ! "
Is the sentence correct ? I mean is the word " Discernment " used properly here ? :confused:
If not , then please tell the correct way of using this word in a sentence !
  • stez

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    english - australia
    It is not a natural sentence. You might say: You are a very discerning person.


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    english - australia
    A discerning person shows good judgement - she is good at distinguishing the good from the bad, and has excellent taste in things like food, wine and art.


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    USA, English
    Usually "discerning" would bring to mind "good judgment" but there is nothing in the word that would preclude otherwise.

    A discerning art critic might be able to tell a genuine Picasso from a fake one.

    A discerning cook might be able to tell what ingredients were used in a casserole.

    A discerning musician might be able to tell that a piano was out of tune.
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