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From the libretto of Paer's Leonora (1804): 'Son confuso, che diavolo vuole, un pochetto mi fa astrolabiar'. I get the general idea (it's Rocco's 'aside' response to Pizzarro's proposal of something mysterious which will need courage), but what precisely does astrolabiar mean? I know what an astrolabe is, but what is the figurative sense of the verb?
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    It is a VERY rare word, only four hits with google.

    But HERE, in a Spanish book, of all places, we get the idea that it is "to make predictions".


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    Ah, that makes sense - so Rocco is saying 'Maybe I can guess what he might have in mind'. I hadn't thought of looking in Spanish sources, many thanks!


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    Thank you so much! Im actually working on the German translation of Leonora for the Innsbruck festival in August. I couldn't find anything on astrolabiare, and because of the corona crisis, all libraries in Germany are closed, and it's not possible to consult the big dictionaries like Battaglia. Now, I how translate Rocco's verse!
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