At a close-ish sort of range


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Hello everyone!
Please, could you be so kind as to help me?
I am watching Ratatouille.

Hey! The band's
really on tonight, huh?

Rats. All we do is take, Dad.

I'm tired of taking.
I want to make things.

I want to add something to this world.

- You're talking like a human.
- Who are not as bad as you say.

- Oh, yeah? What makes you so sure?
- Oh, man.

I've been able to
observe them

●at a close-ish sort of range.●

- Yeah? How close?
- Close enough.

And they're, you know,
not so bad as you say they are.

What is the meaning of *close-ish* here?


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    Fairly close, but not too close. Too close would frighten people and have them focus on catching or killing him.


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    It’s probably better to memorize the "-ish’ suffix because it’s often used. It means "near" or "about" or "in that general area," e.g. "He’s tall, dark and sixtyish."


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    "-ish" is a commonly used suffix. It can mean 'approximately' or 'having the characteristics of' or 'quite'.

    Polish means 'related to the Poles'
    Foolish refers to the qualities of a fool.
    boyish means 'like a boy'

    Occasionally the '-ish' suffix is added informally or jokingly to make words that aren't in any dictionary.

    "close-ish" = "quite close"

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