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Andrew Heywood-Politics

There is therefore a sense in which analytical devices, such as models and microtheories, are constructed on the basis of broader macrotheories. These major theoretical tools of political analysis are those that address the issues of power and the role of the state: pluralism, elitism, class analysis and so on. These theories are examined in Chapters 4 and 5. At a still deeper level, however, many of these macrotheories reflect the assumptions and beliefs of one or other of the major ideological traditions.

What does 'still' mean here? It seems in different meaning from it's general meaning.
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    at this or that time; as previously: Are you still here?

    up to this or that time; as yet: We are still waiting for your answer.

    in the future as in the past: Someone will still raise objections; they always do.

    (used with comparative adjectives for emphasis) in addition;
    yet; even (greater): He was after still greater riches.
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