At a time when women in higher education were a rarity


Does "At a time" below equate "At an age?"
Besides, what does "in" in the following refer to? Thanks.

--At a time when in higher education were a rarity, Marie Curie ended up as a Doctor of Science and went on to win two Nobel prizes as one of the greatest scientists of this century.
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    'In' in this context refers to when someone is continuing to study after school. So basically someone 'in higher education' is someone who is still studying (not at school) but for a degree or postgraduate etc etc

    'At a time' does sort of equate to 'at an age' but 'age' refers to more of a greater period of time like an era

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    Hi, swayingrass,

    solamentehayunajefa (hope I've typed that right!) is quite correct.

    'in higher education' means 'continuing education beyond school, eg at university'.

    'at a time' means usually 'at a period of history, during an era when...'

    'During a period of history in which women rarely pursued education beyond school level, Marie Curie...'

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