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Hello. What does a doctor say if you go for an X-ray and he wants you to take off just what you are wearing on the upper part of your body, e.g. your T-shirt and sweater, but not your trousers. Is there a special phrase which is used in English? Thanks.
  • Biffo

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    English - England
    I think they would say,
    "Take off your top." or
    "Take off everything from your top." or
    "Take off everything above the waist."


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    British English
    "Please take off your shirt/top (etc.) but leave your trousers on." Sometimes a doctor will use a phrase such as 'remove just your upper garments'.

    George French

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    English - UK
    And then there is "strip to the waist". (By convention this is taking the clothes off above the waist. :rolleyes:)


    Does anyone still use this one??

    Enquiring Mind

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    English - the Queen's
    And very informally (but a nurse could say it), in BE we do a lot of "popping" for "taking" in this context:
    "Would you like to pop your shoes/trousers/coat/glasses/wig on/off?"
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