at any one time


chilean spanish
please help!!!!!!!!

contexto:human nature has at any one time only a limited capacity for absorbing new ideas and techniques.
mi intento: la naturaleza humana tiene en cualquier momento/siempre sólo una capacidad limitada para absorber ideas y técnicas nuevas.

alguien me puede decir si ésto está correcto.

muchas gracias!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • gengo

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    At any one time means "within a specific length of time." I'm not sure that your translation captures that. The idea is that we humans can absorb a lot of new ideas, but that absorption takes time, so in a limited amount of time, our ability to absorb is also limited. The literal idea is "durante cualquier tiempo determinado," but you can probably find something that sounds more natural.

    Y basta con los signos de exclamación. :)
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