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It found that as of 2006, the life expectancy for Hispanics at birth was 80.6 years, 2.5 years more than for non-Hispanic whites and almost 8 years longer than for blacks.Context

Dear all,

Could you please tell me what at birth means here? Thanks.

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    Hi, LQZ

    I think, from a quick look at the report, that "life expectancy at birth" means "life expectancy for new-born babies" as distinct from "life expectancy for ten-year-olds" or "life expectancy for eighty-year olds".

    Here's how it's defined in the report:
    Life expectancy at birth for 2006 represents the average number of years that a group of infants would live if the infants were to experience throughout life the age-specific death rates prevailing in 2006.


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    It means the point in someone's life when they have literally only just been born. In theory, this removes other factors which may occur later on in life which would have an effect on one's life expectancy.
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