( At / From ) what part of America does your accent come from?

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<<--At what part of America does your accent come from?-->>

Is this sentence grammatically correct and idimatical?
Or should I replace "part" with "region" ?

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  • Mahantongo

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    The "two froms" are idiomatic and correct.
    I would disagree. Those who don't want to end a sentence with a preposition would say
    From what part of America does your accent come?
    Those who speak more natural and less stilted English would say
    What part of America does your accent come from?
    Using "from" twice, however, is not idiomatic, and is also not correct -- because you have two prepositions, but only one object (that is, "what part of America".)
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    Not only are the two "froms" not correct, but even in very casual or dialectical speech I've never heard anybody say anything like that. People say it with just the "from" at the end.


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    I think it's hypercorrection. I've caught myself speaking like that a few times myself.
    Yes, I also find myself using the "double from". I don't really even think about it. It just comes out.

    But, if so many people feel strongly that it's incorrect, I apologize for thinking it's okay. :oops:

    I will administer ten lashes to myself the next time it slips out. :D
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