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    Hola a todos:

    Quisiera saber como podría traducir la expresión 'en casa de' en la frase 'Cenamos en casa de Mike el fin de semana pasado'.

    We had dinner at Mike's home last weekend ??
    We had dinner in Mike's house last weekend ??
    We had dinner in the house/home of Mike last weekend ??
    We had dinner at Mike's last weekend ??

    Muchas gracias
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    I would only use "in" if your intention is to stress that you ate dinner inside the house as opposed to outside the house.
    I prefer "house" to "home" but both are correct (casa vs hogar)
    "in the house/home of" sounds very unnatural.
    "at Mike's" is fine too.
  3. Lecword Senior Member

    Thank you for your help! :)

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