at least now we can...


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How can I say...

'At least we can sleep in' / 'At least now we can sleep in'?

what about other expressions such as:

at least now we can [doshi]
at least we can be [keiyoshi]
at least now we are...
at least we are...

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    wow...semete...hajimete mita. Can you finish the sentence for please? Where do I put semete?

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    First, I didnt write them. They are from the Tanaka corpus

    I'm too lazy to type this much =(



    He might at least apologize.

    You should have enough sense not to drink, at least during your illness.
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    Since Tanaka corpus is incorporated into online dictionaries, a link to one of them is desirable to acknowledge the source.
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    I don't know, the use of "at least" in those examples seems a bit different than what I'm looking for.

    Maybe I can say "semete bokutachi ha can sleep in".

    What if I want to add "Now that we have new reservations we can sleep in".

    Would I have to change it to read like this in Japanese? "we can sleep in BECAUSE we have new reservations"?

    Doesn't quite have the same nuance in English.

    EDIT: Ok so now I figured out "can sleep in" - "osoku made neraremasu".

    I can create - "atarashi yoyaku aru kara osoku made neraremasu".

    That expresses the important parts of what I want to say BUT it still does not contain "at least". Hmmmmm

    What about - ""atarashi yoyaku aru kara semete osoku made neraremasu".


    Hi, ty604.
    "At least" can be expressed by a post-position (phrase-particle) "wa". So "at least we can sleep in" can be translated into:
    Neru koto wa dekiru yo.
    "Wa" often implies contrast as in "Okane wa nai ga, chishiki wa aru" (I have no money, but I have knowledge. At least I have knowledge.)
    If you think you need to stress the sense of "at least" you may add "sukunakutomo".
    Sukunakutomo neru koto wa dekiru yo.
    Hoteru o yoyaku shita kara sukunakutomo neru koto wa dekiru yo.


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    That's the first time I've seen sukunakutomo.

    What about "at least [now] we can/do...etc?

    I don't know if your native language is English but in English we use that after a situation has changed.

    For example "I broke up with my girlfriend. Oh well, at least now I don't have to hear her complaining about the way I dress." :)

    We can also put 'now' at the end of the sentence.

    "Oh well, at least I don't have to hear her complaining about the way I dress now/anymore."


    Hi, ty604.
    My native language is Japanese, and your reply helps deepen my understanding of English expression. I have just checked my English-Japanese dictionary and found that two different meanings of "at least" is listed.
    (1) sukunakutomo
    eg. It costs at least a hundred dollars. (sukunakutomo 100 doru wa kakaru)
    (2) tomokaku, tonikaku
    The second is the usage of "at least" you referred to in your last reply. Your sentence "Oh well, at least I don't have to hear her complaining about the way I dress now/anymore" can be translated into
    Maa, tomokaku, fukusoo no koto de kore ijou monku o iwarenakute mo sumu wake da.
    Please spare me the trouble of explaining the translated Japanese sentence gramatically. It is easily understood if you have finished the intermediate level.
    I hope you will find this helpful and thank you for giving me an opportunity to check the dictionary.
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