at lower prices/costs


Mass production enables companies to offer consumers better products at lower prices/costs.

I am curious to know if at lower prices and at lower costs are synonymous. Besides, could I also write at a lower price/cost instead? Thanks.
  • quietdandelion

    No. You are talking about the nominal value at which they sold , not their actual value, so use "prices"not "costs". Costs" would also mean "expenses".

    By the way, quietdandelion, I am getting quite concerned....You are going to outpost all of us here soon. I can't help it--this is my job. In a few years, I could retire. If I don't have to teach, I'm not going to ask so many frivolous minutiae. :)
    Thanks, Setwale.
    So, price refer to the nominal value, while cost their actual value.
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