At night, one in the morning

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Hello everyone,

Is it natural/correct to combine "at night" + "at one, two, three, etc., in the morning'' in the examples that I created below?

a. Police officer: When did the accident happen? Victim: It happened at night, at one in the morning.
b. John: When did he come back? Jack: He came back at night, at three in the morning.

I'd like to know if I can mention both "at night" and "in the morning" (when it's still dark) in the specific examples above.

Thank you in advance!
  • Chez

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    Yes, you can say that, although it's not exactly common. We'd be more likely just to use the time, if we know it, as then adding 'at night' is unnecessary.

    It happened at (about ) one in the morning.


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    Yes, you can, though many people would not. "One [or three] in the morning" is enough to establish that it was probably at night. (There are some exceptions around midsummer in the polar regions.)

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