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Hi, another question of mine which calls for your kind advices :

On the handout in front of me there printed :

............. My father likes riding in the hot air balloon. He can see the beautiful view " at/on " a high level.

" at " or " on " is the preposition should I fill in ?

Thank you all.
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    I think you need "at" rather than "on" there.

    But "...a high level" doesn't sound very idiomatic to me: I'd say "...the beautiful view from high up". :)


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    Many thanks DonnyB :thumbsup: a reply at 2:48 am .

    Odd English "at a high level " should be replaced by " from high up " , noted with thanks ~


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    He does not see the view either at or on a high level, since he and the view are not at or on the same level.

    His viewpoint, in the balloon, is high above the view. He is looking down on it.


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    Many thanks lingobingo , your advice makes sense :)

    Yet I guess it was trying to say the father can enjoy a much better view at a level that is much above sea level . :p
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