at/on the starting line

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Do you say "on" or "at" for the starting line?

The racers are ready at/on the starting line. They will dash out in a few seconds.

I think "at" is fine, but I'd like to know whether ON works.

Thank you very much.
  • stephenlearner

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    How about this?
    ==> At/On the border line, they are stopped by the guards.

    (We can say on Equator. Equator is a line, I think. )


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    He was at the starting line; he placed his feet into the starting blocks, with his fingers on the starting line and was awaiting the starting gun.

    You would think that he would place his feet on the starting blocks, but that is not the convention among competitors (from what I have read; when I competed we did not have starting blocks).

    This runner is showing the above:

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