at one's pleasure / as one pleases / to one's satisfaction..


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I wonder if you help me to fill in the following blank:

---If you can do something…………….., you can do it when you want to and in the way you want to.

a) at your pleasure
b) as you please
c) to your satisfaction
d) arbitrarily
[Reference: Longman dictionary]
[I am looking for an adverb and an adjective which are used when you want to refer to something that you want to do it in the manner you want; for another example, "we say doing military service is compulsory; so that one cannot do it or do not do it! It means that military service is........*** for another example, we say: "The dinner is self-service; so that everyone is allowed to take their own pick;" (therefor it means that the dinner is.........)]
[I guess "a" an "d" are the most suitable ones]
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    The answer would be B,
    A is not correct because it says you have to enjoy what you are doing
    B is correct because by saying "as you please" you are modifying the thing you are doing, you could rephrase it as "you can do something any way the pleases you", you have to do the task, but you can do it your way
    C is not correct because by saying "to" you are modifying the thing you are doing to say that you can stop the task when feel you have done good enough job on it
    D is not correct because arbitrarily means randomly (which does not apply here at all)
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