At or for your attention

Discussion in 'English Only' started by volver, Mar 16, 2007.

  1. volver Senior Member

    french belgium

    Could you please tell me if my sentence correct, below

    I sent the documents today by DHL at or for your attention.

    I don't know if my sentence is well structured ?

    Thank you

  2. " for your attention "
  3. Thomas Tompion Senior Member

    Southwest France
    English - England
    Agree with Setwale Charm - and the sentence structure is excellent.
  4. montreal Member

    english / french, Canada
    Would it be 'I sent the documents by DHL to your attention"?
  5. Orange Blossom Senior Member

    U.S.A. English
    No, for is the word to use. However, I'm not too happy about the use of attention in the sentence. Difference words or even clauses would be used depending on the purpose of the papers.

    Here are a couple examples:

    for your information.

    for your immediate action.

    Orange Blossom
  6. Matter of fact, i do not see what wrong you see with "attention". "For your attention" is a very common, perfectly acceptable phrase, in BrE at least.
  7. Mafe Dongo Senior Member

    When you send a letter to a company you type in the envelope ATTENTION:XXX
    I would say "I sent it to your attention".

    and I use "Thank you for your attention"

  8. I assume both are possible although I personally would write: "for the attention of X" on an envelope.

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