At or On the same level?

Discussion in 'English Only' started by nebt, Feb 19, 2006.

  1. nebt Senior Member

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    which preposition to use? Initially, I hit the question while interpreting a graph - then I´d used e.g.:

    The sales remained at the same level.
    The two countries have a GNP of about the same level.

    But what about:
    They are on the same level in the company structure.

    Is it correct? Is it possible to use in any of the cases a different prep.?

  2. Schintom86 New Member

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    Honestly, you could use all of the three and it would be correct because there are only very slight differences between each.

    1) The sales remained at the same level.
    - The use of "at" implies that the sales are currently the same but it is likely to change in the future
    2) The two countries have a GNP of about the same level.
    - The use of "of about" here denotes that the GNP is approximately the same or not exactly the same. This is not implied by the other prepositions.
    3) They are on the same level in the company structure.
    - "On the same level" implies that they are very similar and are more likely to react in the same way as opposed to the use of "at" which is more coincidental.

    I think depending on the context, one of the sentences is probably more correct than another. I really hope this helped you. By the way, I am in no way the master of the English language.
  3. buddingtranslator

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    This is a question to which it is difficult to give an answer because several prepositions can be used in this case. First of all, all of your examples sound fine. To give you a general rule, when you have a quantity of something (e.g sales) we normally say that they remain at the same level and NOT on. But when referring to a structure or hierarchy, of the type that exists within a company, we would normally say ON as you have put. It's possible to say AT I guess but ON sounds better to me.

    It's confusing and will only come from experience, but all of your sentences sound good to me.

  4. nebt Senior Member

    Czech, CZ
    Nice, thank you!:)
  5. stephatme Member

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    Does this also work with other levels ? For instance, can we say both "this should be enhanced on the local level" and "this is developed at the local level" ? Are both sentences correct ?
  6. padredeocho Banned

    United States
    The are at the same level economically.
    They are on the same level economically.

    To me, they are the SAME. One things for sure, they are going to see what everybody above them has, and feel left out, and forget about how much more they have than those below them!!!

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