at power on / after the logo screen

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Baltic Sea

Hello all users! It's nice to meet you all online again.

I would like to ask you how you understand the sentence below.

The FIRST TIME - GPS SETUP Page appears at power on after the logo screen.

I understand it ambiguously as follows:

The FIRST TIME - GPS SETUP Page appears at power on (near the power on control or during the power on operation) after the logo screen (physically after the logo screen or after disappearance of the logo screen).

What is your opinion on that?
  • I don't have a GPS device, but I work with comptuers. I would interpret it this way: The company logo appears on the screen when you power-on the device (power-on means to turn on the power for the device). Once the GPS computer is done loading its software into memory, the logo screen will automatically disappear and the setup page will appear next. At that point in time you can perform the setup procedures for the device. This is a first-time setup page, so it will not appear when you turn on the device in the future unless the memory has been reset -- after a battery has gone dead perhaps.
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