At present 72 points on servicing remittances have been organized.


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"At present 72 points on servicing remittances have been organized.". I would like to know if "point" could be used in this context, because it sounds odd to me (but here again, I'm not a native speaker).
Also I would like to know if I could use other words as alternatives : bureau, office, (if you have some more ideas).
More generally, does this sentence sound correct to you ? I'm also a bit skeptical on the phrase "servicing remittances". What do you think ? (again, alternatives are welcome !)
Thank you
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    I don't quite see what "point" refers to in this instance -- can you explain the context a bit more?


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    It is a document dealing with banking system. People working abroad usually send money to their relatives in their home countries. These remittances can be sent through banks (the money is deposited in country A's bank, and a few hours or days later, the relative can get the money in country B's partnery bank).
    Here, I guess "points" refers to a place that is set up by the bank (a branch or a partner office) in remote areas, for people to pick up the money more easily.
    I hope it's a bit clearer to you.
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