at random/accidental or by chance


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Hi everyone
I need help please

How to write/formulate this setting correctly? :

I saw this jacket at random/accidental or by chance in a shopping street.

I'am Dane, so my English is not perfect

Thank you a lot in advance
  • dreamlike

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    What is it exactly that you want to say? That you were shopping around and then, by sheer chance, you saw the jacket in question?

    If so, at random doesn't really work here. You could say:
    I chose the students for this work at random, but "I saw something at random", not really.

    I saw this jacket by chance is what I'd be most likely to say.


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    Accidental would, of course, have to be turned into the adverb accidentally.
    At random
    involves choosing something or making a choice. In a multiple-choice test you have to choose one of the answers at random if you don't know the correct answer.
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