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From the book "Change your brain, change your body":

In a study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, researchers had people sleep for five and a half hours for two weeks and then eight and a half hours for another two weeks at random. Then they measured how many snacks the subjects munched during their stays in the sleep laboratory.

What does at random mean here? It seems the study have a rigid design.
Thanks in advance for response.
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    I suggest you cancel your subscription. :)

    I've read this several times and, unless I'm missing something, this is the most useless, confusing thing I've ever read -- "at random" means nothing here. And then the next sentence makes it seem like they did this entire four-week trial and only then did they measure how many snacks the subjects ate. And I won't even mention the inappropriateness of the word "munched" in relation to a scientific study. Oh, wait, perhaps I just did.
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