'At region level' or 'At a regional level'


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I have just proofed a document and got a query back about the following phrase:

"Specific research questions should ask at what level links exist i.e. individual, household, community, country of origin or regional."

They said it should be 'region', not 'regional'. In my head I go:

'At the individual level'
'At the household level'
'At the regional level'

Are they correct, though? Should this be 'At region level'? It sounds so ugly to me but I do come across this in development documents. Google tells me 'at regional level' is much preferred but I'm wondering if this is a technical term. Any thoughts?
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    I think you should look at it differently. Obviously, the person writing the document was thinking:

    "at the level of the individual..."
    "at the level of the country of origin..."
    "at the level of the region..."

    We would obviously say "regional level." But we wouldn't say "at the country of origin level." I would say this document could use some revision, since it's confusing and disturbing its readers.
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