at seventy-eight lean


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Hello everyone!!

Could someone tell me please how he does understand this description? (it is an old man):
"He was six feet tall, at seventy-eight lean and still rugged looking with white hair (and, later:) he weighed about one-hundred-seventy pounds"
At the beginning, I thought it was a weight unit, but it is obvious it is not the case thanks to the end of this sentence. So I think it is the age of this man, but what does it mean exactly? Is this man "bent" because of his age?
Thank you for your explanations!
  • Quaeitur

    There could just be a comma missing

    He was 6 ft tall, at seventy-eight, lean and still rugged looking.

    Other ideas:
    - it is as we both first thought: he is lean and weights 78kg (=172 lbs!)
    - 78 is some kind of clothing size.


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    Thanks guy!
    I suppose it is a question of weight (the author had tried to explain that this man was tinny...) Anyway, it won't change the rest of the story...
    Thank you all

    Dr. Baha'i

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    He is not tiny -- he's quite tall, but lean (thin).

    78 is definitely his age in years, not a clothing size. That would be an impossibly huge size for any measurement of clothing in the U.S., whether shoes, pants size, shirt size, or anything else.

    A comma might make it clearer but I don't think that it's needed here.
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