@ - at sign (EN) / arroba (ES)

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  1. Unregistered Guest

    I would like to know how the @ is called in English. Thank you for your help.
  2. el alabamiano Senior Member

    Se llama "the 'at' sign"

    tu nombre@domain.com

    your name at domain.com
  3. annasav New Member

    Hi, folks
    Could you please help me? What is the Spannish for @? How is it pronunced when I am trying to spell my e-mail address over the phone?
  4. Aidanriley

    Aidanriley Senior Member

    SD, California
    "A B C arroba D E F punto com" (abc@def.com)
    (English: "A B C at D E F dot com")
  5. JeSuisSnob

    JeSuisSnob Moderator

    Mexico City
    Mexican Spanish
    I concur with Aidan. It is "arroba".

  6. mrcarles New Member

    spanish - mexico
    It is "arroba". TRUE!

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