at the bay end (camarote de un barco)

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    Hola, estamos a bordo de un barco y está describiendo el camarote del capitán. Estamos en el siglo XIX. ¿A qué se refiere con este término?

    She landed on a soft Tabriz carpet. Looking up, she noticed the wainscoting, the large fitted bed,
    the cabinets were all made from the same polished walnut. Cranberry-red wool
    curtains covered the portholes, keeping out the drafts. At the bay end, there
    was a banquette covered in the same red wool.

    En el extremo de carga, había un banco cubierto por la misma lana roja.

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    "At the bay end".

    "Al extremo del compartimiento".
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    This word often gives problems in translation.

    Here "bay" gives reference to the "bay window/ventana salediza" of the "camarote del capitán" en the "popa de la nave".

    I see now that "bay window" is translated as "ventana bahía".

    In practical terms----the "bay end" is "la ventana del camarote". "A lo largo de la ventana había un banco/una banqueta...".

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