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Hi Everybody!

Although I know it's not a translation forum, I would like to ask you this question, since I've always posted queries with regard to English to that forum,
and I believe that question shouldn't cause any hardship..

I was reading an article on a Database migration tool and was faced with the
following sentence:

Database change management is difficult at the best of times, so to make the situation better, it’s important to have a good database evolution strategy.

What does the phrase marked with red mean in that concrete case?

Thanks a lot!

Dmitry S.
  • George French

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    Seeing that others have re-wriiten the original why not go for:-
    (Good) database change management is essential... :)



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    Yesterday she was being especially whiny and since I'm ill (my husband working away) I didn't have the energy to be the 'fun' parent "Ooh, why would you want to watch TV when there's so many other things to do? Let's do a silly dance!" (To be honest I'm not great at that at the best of times).

    This is a thread about parenting. I'd like to know if "I'm not great at that at the best of times" mean "I'm not great at that even when I'm in good health or performing in top form"
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