[At the far reaches] of this hidden history is Democritus

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The quotation comes from Can the multiverse explain the course of history? | Aeon Essays

Quotation: At the far reaches of this hidden history (of multiverse) is Democritus, who believed the universe to be made of atoms moving in an infinite void. Over time, they would combine and recombine in every possible way: the world we see around us is just one arrangement among many that are all certain to appear.
Hi everyone! I'm not sure of the meaning of the bold part. Does it mean "Democritus acts as the beginning of this long, hidden history"?
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    I interpret it more as "near the extreme edge". Having glanced at the essay it does appear to refer to time, but I would say "near the beginning" or "one of the earliest" is what is intended, as opposed to Democritus being the source.
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