at the office/in the office


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Hi teachers,

Someone is asking me over the phone where I am ,so what should I say "I am at the office/in the office.

I would appreciate your help.

Thanks in advance
(I like english)
  • Harry Batt

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    In gives the person a more precise location. Thus if I say that I'm at the office, the response might be, "Well, I know that. But where? Are you in the lounge, the library . . ? And you would be obliged to specify. "In my office. If I was in the lounge someone would have taken the call for me."


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    I understand both are usuable. However, what would an english native say in that case ?


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    As Harry Batt said, "in the office" is more precise (it's a room) while "at the office" is often synonymous with "at work", so which expression you would use would depend on which idea you would like to convey.