at (the) secondary school/high school

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  1. frankblak Member

    I would like to know if "the" should be in the sentence "I'm at (the) secondary school/high school" because you say "I go to secondary school/highschool".

    Thank you in advance for your help.
  2. ManPaisa

    ManPaisa Banned

    Here and there in a topsy-turvy world
    AmE (New England) / español (Colombia)
    In the United States: I'm in high school.
  3. meat pies!! Member

    land of Aus
    Same in Australia. We say i'm in high school

    Unless you mean to imply that your located in the high school at a particular time "i'm at high school" is acceptable.
  4. frankblak Member

    So, the right preposition is "in" and "the" isn't to be used.

    Thank you for your help.
  5. Chinola Senior Member

    Planet earth
    I am in high school
    I go to high school
  6. shadowgirl2000 New Member

    You would say "I' m at the High School." (general location) if you are speaking about the present time. I hear people saying I'm in the High School, referring to the present time for example, to answer the question, Where are you located? (right now) (specific location) I'm in the High School Office.

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