At those dates / in those dates

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  1. eternal learner Member

    Hello everybody!

    I don't know if this sentence is correct:
    "... you can give me information about any short journey or excursion that you organize in that dates, so I’ll be able to know more and best places".

    I think it sounds a bit extrange but my biggest doubt is if I can use "at" or "in" with "those dates" I'm meaning Christmas.

    Please, excuse me. I can't get by in English

    Thank you
  2. Dawei Senior Member

    English (USA)
    I would say "for those dates" or "for those days, so I'll be able to know more about the best places."

    Realmente sería mejor tener un poco más contexto, asi podemos ofrecerte una traduccion más exacta. Puedes escribir la frase original en español?
  3. eternal learner Member


    Es un ejercicio. Se supone que voy de vacaciones a Inglaterra en Navidades y tengo que pedir información a una agencia de viajes sobre excursiones que ellos organicen en esas fechas para visitar los sitios que merezcan la pena.
  4. Dawei Senior Member

    English (USA)
    Entonces si, yo diría "for those dates."
  5. eternal learner Member

    Thank you Dawei, me ha sido muy útil

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