at various times over the years


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I have been confused about the words various and different.
This is an example sentence from NY Times:
At various times over the years, as their investments only widened and deepened, they were blind to what the lawsuit calls a litany of alarms sounded by those close to them, by fellow investors and by financial institutions.
Could it be at different times? I feel not.
Has there already been a post or a link to explain the difference between these words?

Thank you in advance.
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  • owlman5

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    "Various" and "different" are reasonable synonyms here, Salai. The writer has used "various times" to mean "more than one time" or "several times". I think "different" would work well in that sentence.


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    I agree with owlman that in reference to time, they seem interchangeable.

    In other contexts you might prefer one or the other. For instance, you find this discussion of the synonyms if you look up "various" at
    1. Various, different, distinct, diverse describe things that are not identical or alike. Various stresses the multiplicity of sorts or instances of a thing or a class of things: various sorts of seaweed; busy with various duties. Different emphasizes separateness and dissimilarity: two different (or differing ) versions of the same story. [....]​
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