1. Carmencita Senior Member

    Spain - Spanish
    La expresión está bien para decir "a su disposición", cierto?? Lo que pasa que me da un poco de miedo utilizarla por el significado de "disposal" como "rubbish".
    De qué otras formas podríamos expresar la idea de "estoy a su disposición..."
    ¡Gracias anticipadas!
  2. calzetin

    calzetin Senior Member

    Spain / Spanish
    Sí, Camencita, significa eso

    Estoy aqui para lo que quieras / a tu disposición

  3. Maeron Senior Member

    Mexico City
    Canada, English
    También: Estoy a sus órdenes.
  4. Mirtha Robledo Senior Member

    Lima, Peru
    Peru - Spanish
    Podría ser I am at your service. Que tambien quiere decir estoy a su disposición.
  5. dave

    dave Senior Member

    UK - English
    Si, disposal tiene el significado de rubbish, pero ne tengas miedo de usar la expresión I am at your disposal:

    I am at your disposal: Puedes hacer a mí (o conmigo) lo que quieras - si quieres tirarme a la basura, lo puedes!
  6. Mirtha Robledo Senior Member

    Lima, Peru
    Peru - Spanish
    Los colombianos dicen A LA ORDEN.
  7. el_novato

    el_novato Senior Member

    Eso sí que es disposición.

  8. lercarafridi Senior Member

    Spain, Spanish
    si quieres tirarme a la basura, lo puedes hacer (o puedes)!
  9. Tormenta

    Tormenta Senior Member


    How about "at your service" ?
    Then you can reply: "at yours" ;)

    I like it so much, but my teacher says it would be ok if we were in the 18th century; today nobody talks like that:eek:

    Please, tell me it is not true :(

  10. cristóbal Senior Member

    It's not true, it's not true! "Say it ain't so, joe, say it ain't sooooo."
    It's true that it's a bit strange to say it to just anyone, but if it's someone you know...

    In the south (USA) we like to say "yessir?" or "yes ma'am?" as a sign of our "disposal" to the service of others.
    When I answer the phone and I know who it is, especially with my female friends, I will answer that way. :)
  11. Magg Senior Member

    Spain / Spanish
    Puedes hacerme (a mí) lo que quieras.
    Puedes hacer de mí lo que quieras.

    An extra personal thought, Dave: such explicit sentences of yours made me think of an insinuation. Maybe you didn't realize, but here in Spain they could have a sexual connotacion, without the 'basura' part, of course.

    Well, at least I thougt of it when I read them.

    Best regards,
  12. Mirtha Robledo Senior Member

    Lima, Peru
    Peru - Spanish
    Not only in Spain, I would say in all Latin American and Caribbean countries, as far as I am concerned, Funny, But I thought so too.
  13. Chaucer Senior Member

    US inglés/español
    Sorry, cant' delete the repetetive entries.
  14. lauranazario

    lauranazario Moderatrix

    Puerto Rico
    Español puertorriqueño & US English
    Si se trata de una carta o correspondencia comercial, es mejor decir o concluir con:
    At your service,

    Si se trata de recursos u otros objetos, podrías usar:
    ... don't forget that we have many resources at your disposal.
  15. dave

    dave Senior Member

    UK - English
    Thanks Magg!

    In English too it can have the same connotation, but it can also be used innocently. Apologies if I've caused any offence. Should I delete it?
  16. belén

    belén Senior Member

    Spanish, Spain, Catalan, Mallorca
    Oh, I don't think you have to delete it..It's not really offensive, just surprising...;)
    It reminds me of a song by a Spanish group called "La Union", they were very popular in the 80s "movida" and they are still around.

    The song starts...

    Haz conmigo lo que quieras nena...

  17. Magg Senior Member

    Spain / Spanish
    Absolutely not! No offence. I just made a comment on it.

  18. RnBlover New Member

    Hey every one!!!,

    I have been living in the States for 2 years now.
    When I first arrived and wrote my first emaill I handed it my sales manager for him to check it.
    He was very surprised when seeing that ending I had taken with me from Spain : "I remain at your disposal" as we translate in my country : "Quedo a su disposición"....

    He found it with a strong sexual connotation.
    Therefore, I end my emails with the usual and very easy :
    "Please, do not hesitate to contact me.... (you know).

    Bye now!

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