Atar los cordones de los zapatos

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  1. galeano New Member

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    How do you say "atar los cordones de los zapatos"??
    To tie the shoelace"??

    If you want to say to a child "Atate los cordones de los zapatos", what expression do you have to use?? Tie your shoelaces???

  2. TimLA

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    You can say it many ways: tie the/your shoelaces... tie the/your shoelace... tie your shoestrings...(AE) tie your shoestring...(AE)

    In AE, "shoestring(s)" is more common.
  3. Chaska Ñawi

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    Interesting. I've never once heard "shoestrings" used on either side of the border.

    Here we either say "Tie your laces" or "Tie your shoelaces". Occasionally we even say, "Tie your shoes".

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