atención a celos

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    This text talks about violence regulation. Part of this is a social service that cares about jealousy, provided that it's a factor ov violence. that is, you can go there for help if you are about be vioent because of jealousy.

    So I need to pass the name of the social program into English. In Spanish it is "programa de atenció a celos". My trial "care for jealousy" service.
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    Maybe "jealousy treatment / management / intervention program."
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    I really don't think that you will find exactly the same program in any other country (we don't have it in Spain and I haven't heard about anything simililar never in my life), so I guess you can name it however you want as long as it makes sense.
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    Bogotá, Colombia
    Thankyou guys.
    These people study civic culture. so they found this particular city in Colombia where violence was specially triggered by jealousy. And here we are.

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