atender la auditoria nocturna

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    Hola todos!

    Estoy traduciendo una historia laboral de español a inglés. Ésta es la frase que me confusa (está hablando de su trabajo en el "front desk" de un hotel. Pondré la parte en negrita que no entiendo).

    "Recibía llamadas de reservaciones y al tener turnos rotativos tenía que atender la auditoria nocturna en el turno de madrugada."
    Mi intento:
    "I received calls for reservations and when having rotating shifts, I had to help the night auditor/ be the night auditor during the graveyard shift."

    Mi confusion es si la persona ayudó a la auditoria, o trabajó como auditoria. La persona que escribió esta historia es una mujer, entonces el género del pronobre- "auditoria" es una pista.
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    I think that it means she had to help out with audits done during the overnight shift.
    Instead of repeating the idea of it being a graveyard shift perhaps you could sum it up with: And on days when there was a rotating schedule, I had to be there to help out with audits done during the graveyard / overnight shift.
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    Thank you Steemic for your insight!
    I like the way you reworded the sentence. It sounds smooth. I might keep "night auditor" though because that is a job title. I read that a night auditor at a hotel is someone who takes care of desk duties and attends to accounts as well. I'm open to any insight that someone has on this role!
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    Hola lidicita,
    In Spanish auditoria (without accent) and auditoría (accent over the í) have different meanings. Your translation is using the second definition, that is, auditoría as auditor.
    Personally, I think in this case auditoria (without tilde) it refers to auditivo, hearing, listening etc. So basically, it says that because her job was making reservations, when she had to work the night shift, she was in charge of answering the phones and other related duties.

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