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Hi there!

I want to translate the sentence "Nuevos proyectos han aterrizado en EIE".
Would it be "New projects have landed AT / ON EIE" ? I'd choose 'at', but I want to be sure.

  • fenixpollo

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    You need to provide more background information.

    Is the phrase "nuevos proyectos han aterrizado" an idiom that is used to refer to projects being initiated? If so, there might be a less literal options, such as "new projects are off and running".

    Is EIE a contractor of some type? If so, perhaps the verb land might be the best option, but in the usage related to fishing: "EIE has landed new projects".

    Is the phrase an attempt to be creative or poetic? If so, the literal translation that you suggested would work.

    And yes, you would choose "at", just like a plane landing at an airport. If you chose "on", it would imply "on top of", as in "the plane landed on the aircraft carrier" or "the plane crash-landed on a house".
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