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I'm completing a college application for American colleges (what a dreadful process) and I found this:
When you choose an extracurricular activity, you have to choose a category. For sports, the following options appear:

Athletics: Club
-JV/Varsity [insert sport here] - note the indentation, suggesting subordination (it appears like this on the application).​

You can choose either option.

What would athletics: club mean in this sense? A quick search at google shows a bunch of stadiums with people running. Is it just a club for runners, discus throwers, etc.? I don't think so, because all the sports, from archery to soccer, appear as a subordination of this option.
On the other hand, JV and Varsity are commonly associated with High School or College sports teams.

Now, the problem is that I practiced a sport, but it wasn't on any school team; it was simply a bunch of people, including some instructors, who gathered in a sports complex created by the government, so I don't know which one should I choose.

I would appreciate your clarifications.
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    I find it confusing the way you have it punctuated. Is it possibly:
    - Club
    - JV/Varsity
    My guess would be that they are asking if you have participated in organized sports outside of school, For example, this Wikipedia article describes organized Club Soccer.


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    The wording does seem confusing to me, but it is the way it is on the website. You can choose:
    1. Athletics: Club
    2. -JV/Varsity [sport], e.g., JV/Varsity Fencing, JV/Varsity Football.

    My doubt is concerning mostly the Athletics: Club part, because I know I didn't participate in School teams.


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    I suspect (and that's always risky) that JV/Varsity means interscholastic competition under whatever body controls the competition for a particular school (it doesn't matter whether it's high school or college)

    And, "club" would mean everything else. As an example, look at the Iowa High School Athletic Association controls. If you look at their web site, you will see that they oversee high school competition in Iowa for a number of sports ... but not table tennis.

    Now, let's say there are a number of high school students who enjoy table tennis and they form a club and go out and play teams from other schools, even though it has nothing to do with the body overseeing major sports competition. Or, they just might get together and play with each other.

    Your application probably is written with U.S. sports practice in mind. I have no idea whether a similar situation exists in the land of Juan Valdez :)

    According to your description, I'd choose "club."

    By the way, don't capitalize "school." It's not a proper noun.

    Good luck....