atmanlak ?

  • Hi Thomazinho,

    It is "anlatmak" : "to explain".

    The root is "an"

    an: moment,

    an - mak: to call to mind, to remember

    an - la - mak: to understand

    an - la - t - mak: to explain (so you "make the person understand" by explaining)

    This online dictionary says that other words which have the same root "an" are " Tü an- : an-, andıç, anı, anımsa-, anıt, anla-, anlak, anlam, anlat-, ansızın, ant"

    anlam : meaning

    ant: oath

    anı : memoir

    ansızın : suddenly

    anımsamak: to remember
    I dont know what "andıç" is :)

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