1. scouser Member

    english United Kingdom

    Como se traduce lo siguiente:

    "la industrial mundial del juguete es muy atomizada y esta localizada en la Comunidad Valenciana y Cataluna en su 91 por ciento"

  2. FranParis

    FranParis Banned

    Français - France
    Give it a try first...
  3. scouser Member

    english United Kingdom
    indeed. Having done that, i am confused as to how to translate "atomizada" and "valenciana" and "cataluna"
  4. mirx Banned


    I don´t know what atomizada means, for me it means disperse, spread, extended. But your context shows it to be the exact opposite.

    As for Cataluna and Valenciana, why not try? "and it´s focoused mainly in Valencia and Catalunia regions/provinces"
  5. Iararo Senior Member

    Buenos Aires - Argentina
    Spanish - Argentina
    Atomizada: atomized
    Valencia and Cataluña
  6. megane_wang

    megane_wang Senior Member

    Spanish / Catalan
    Hi Scouser,

    In this context atomizada means that most toy manufacturing companies in Spain are small or very small ones. But most of them are located in the Catalunya and Comunidad Valenciana areas.

    Catalunya and Comunidad Valenciana are official names; I think it's much better to keep them in their original forms.

    That's it !! :)

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