atractivo turístico

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  1. Trisinka New Member

    Bolivia, Spanish
    hola a todos. esta es la primera ves que uso el forum.

    Bien..mi pregunta es la siguiente, ¿cómo se dice "atractivo turístico" en inglés?

    Muchas gracias. Hasta la próxima

  2. aurilla Senior Member

    Puerto Rico
    Am Eng/PR Spanish
    "attractive tourist"
  3. Cipriana

    Cipriana Senior Member

    Argentinian Spanish and UK English
    Atractivo turistico es algo que puede ser atractivo para turistas, no es un turista atractivo.
    Puedes decir TOURIST ATTRACTION, ATTRACTIVE TO TOURISTS, depende del contexto.
  4. nellie1973 Senior Member

    Native English (England) and Portuguese
    I disagree completely... maybe you didn't read it right!

    It would be a tourist attraction
  5. Pelgar Senior Member

    USA English
    There is also a slang term that is used in the U.S. "Tourist Trap"
  6. Trisinka New Member

    Bolivia, Spanish
    Thank you very much..
    I guess I'm going to use "tourist attraction". I this case I cannot use slang because it is formal purposes.

    Thank you all :)

    have a nice day

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