atravesar recursos

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    Any guesses on this one? I'm betting it's not "going through resources"! Any suggestions are more than welcome. Thanks! (Ah, it's from a text on psychoanalysis... tricky stuff that psychoanalysis.)

    La otra expresión de malestar excede el caso singular. Proviene de la ética inherente al trabajo del psicoanalista, que lleva a atender todo lo inconsciente en juego, aún atravesando recursos que a la vez que propiciamos también resignamos si suponen ignorar nuestro propio campo de desconocimiento.

    The other instance of malaise is not limited to a particular case. It stems from the ethics inherent in the work of the psychoanalyst which causes them to be attentive to the unconscious in play, even when atravesando recursos which we both enable and renounce if they mean ignoring our own lack of knowledge.
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    I think "agotando recursos", or even "acabando con los recursos" could be better :)
    Un saludo!
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    Thanks Ireniina! But I'm translating to ENGLISH. The original is in Spanish.

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