Atravesar una multitud

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  1. SEMINOVNA Senior Member

    I need your help again!
    Which verb do you use in English to express the action of "going through" a crowd? Is going through ok?
    I'm looking for the synonym of the Spanish "atravesar". I'd better say I need to know which verb you use when the Spanish say "perdone, ¿podría pasar?, o "necesito pasar" in those situations when there are so much people laying across.

    thank you very much!!
  2. jackaustralia Senior Member

    Australia English
    Yes 'going through' is fine as is 'moving through' or even 'passing through.' However, note the conjugation 'I passed through the crowd (or moved, or went). As for your second question I would usually say 'Excuse me could I get through' or 'I need to get past/go through you.'
  3. SEMINOVNA Senior Member

    Ok, Thank you very much!

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