attached of?

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I want the color of that chair which was the picture I previously attached of the chair that I took while at the factory.

I don't understand why putting an "of" after attached? What does the of mean?
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    Your sentence is a little hard to follow, but you appear to be talking about a "picture of a chair." The of means that the chair is the subject of the picture.


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    Evidently "I" took a picture (a photo) of a chair while ["I" was] at the factory.
    So "I" want the color of the chair whose picture I attached [to previous correspondence], a picture [that] I took at the factory.
    It's still hard to follow, but slightly easier if you say
    "I want the color of the chair in the photo, taken by me at the factory, which I attached to [my letter of June 20]."
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