atteindre un palier

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    I'm trying to translate the word "palier" in this context: Après 3 mois, on atteint un palier, i.e. the parameters don't vary anymore, the situation is stable. If you draw the evolution of the parameter that you study on a graph, after you have "atteint le palier", you will obtain an horizontal line...

    What do you think about this: "After 3 months, a stage is reached" or "a level is reached"? Do you have better translations?

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    In microbiology we would say " stationary phase"... Ca t'aide ??
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    Keeping to your graph analogy, we would say it "reaches a plateau" or, more often we would say "it plateaus out".

    The use of plateau as a verb is quite normal in this context, though the spelling is a bit contentious - some write "plateau's out". This is wrong!
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    Thanks both of you for your answer. :)
    I'm not too sure that "stationary phase" correspond exactly to what I want to say. It seems to be something temporary, that will evolve again after a while, isn't it? And in my case, once The "palier" is reached, the situation is not supposed to evolve anymore.
    I didn't know that "to reach a plateau" was used in english. How do you prononce it? Do you prononce it [plato], like in french?
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    Yes, basically the same pronounciation; the usual emphasis on the first syllable in English.
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    I wonder whether the verb level off could be used.

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