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May I ask if we can say "She was invited to attend a garden ball." Or should we say "She was invited to attend a garden party."

It was translated from the original Chinese. The Chinese words literally mean "attend a garden ball", i.e. attend a ball held in the garden.
But when I put the phrase "a garden ball" in, I can hardly find any relevant usages.

So, I wonder do you use the phrase "a garden ball" to mean "a ball held in the garden", a dancing ball in the garden?

Thank you in advance!
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    "Ball" isn't too common in today's speech, AL. But many people recognize that it is a formal dancing party. If your source used "ball", I don't see why you should avoid it. Of course, "party" means roughly the same thing, but it doesn't necessarily imply "dancing."


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    I'm happy with garden ball or outdoor ball. I attend a ball every year in a ballroom so it's not an unusual word for me.

    Oxford Brookes's Enchanted Garden Ball turns up when I do a search.


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    I've never heard of a ball (a very formal dance, with a live orchestra, the women wearing formal gowns and the men in tuxedos) being held in a garden. I suppose it's possible, but a garden party is more likely.
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