Attend the lessons / attend to classes?


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Could you please tell me if the sentence 'attend to classes' is right'?

I have always been taught that attend, when it means 'go' mustn't be followed by to. I have been reading other threats, but I am still a bit confused.

Is there any difference between 'classes' and 'lessons'?

Thanks a lot.
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    when meaning 'go', 'attend to classes' is not correct'.

    Eg. She attends Spanish classes every Thursday.

    Attend to = to deal with something / to give something attention.

    Eg. I must attend to these emails, they're getting out of control!



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    Hello. Here is my personal take on "class vs. lessons."

    To me, personally, classes are the formal learning sessions in school and lessons are with a tutor. Lessons are also what you have when learning to play an instrument. (I have a piano lesson today at 4 o'clock.)


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    So, is it fine to say "I attend piano/English lessons every Friday."?


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    Personally, I think "attend" sounds odd here. This somehow seems formal -- like something you would say about a course in school. (I attend class/have class/go to class every day of the week.) I would simply say: I have piano classes every Friday. You might also hear something like: I take piano lessons every week.
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