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Discussion in 'English Only' started by Jukcyn, Jan 13, 2013.

  1. Jukcyn New Member

    Hey guys, I'm working on a project and need a little help from the native-speakers. How would one ask about the name of the University another person has attended in a casual conversation?
  2. tomtombp Senior Member

    Although I'm not a native speaker, but "What/which university did you go to?" or "What/which university did you attend?" is what I would ask. Natives, please confirm or correct me. What or which is more correct?
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  3. Jukcyn New Member

    Thanks for a fast response. How about rephrasing it, so it sounds more ...natural? I don't know if any such form exists, but I suppose it does. Like you can say: I read English, meaning you're studying it at a University. Is it possible to use this phrase in the context I've mentioned?
  4. PaulQ

    PaulQ Senior Member

    English - England
    "Which university did you go to?" / "Where did you go to university?" is what I hear.
  5. tomtombp Senior Member

    In your OP (original post) you were asking us how to ask the name of a University.

    Your example "I read English" refers to the subject though. Anyway, I would use "I studied English" but "I read English" is also can be heard. Don't ask me about the difference.

    Maybe the "read" version is more formal or more BrE? We still need natives to pitch in here.
  6. George French Senior Member

    English - UK
    I read English at X means I studied/did an English course of unknown content at the establisment X. The status of X is probably a University or a College of a University. If I got a degree it would probably be in English.

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  7. Jukcyn New Member

    Sorry about that. I was just wondering if it is possible to form the same question using "read". To get the information (name of the university a person has attended), you can say:
    -"Which university did you go to?"
    but also:
    -"Which university did you study at?"
    So is it possible to say:
    -"Which university did you read at?"
    Maybe other verbs?
  8. Parla Senior Member

    New York City
    English - US
    This would make sense in US English.

    So would this.

    This would not.

    We would usually simply ask: Where did you go to college?

    Welcome to the forum, Jukcyn.:)
  9. natkretep

    natkretep Moderato con anima (English Only)

    English (Singapore/UK), basic Chinese
    Neither would it in BrE. Informally, I would say, 'Where were you at uni?' (And expand 'uni' to 'university' for more formal situations.)
  10. theartichoke Senior Member

    English -- Canada
    Lots of national variation here! As a Canadian, I understand when Americans talk about where they went to college, and when people from the U.K talk about "uni" or where they "read [academic subject]", but I would never say any of those things. "Where did you go to university?" would be the most natural for me, though "what/which university did you go to?" would also be normal, with the verb "attend" if I wanted to be slightly more formal.

    "College" in Canada typically (though not always) refers to a "community college," an institution that grants diplomas in applied subjects rather than degrees.
  11. Parla Senior Member

    New York City
    English - US
    "College" in the US means a four-year college (unless "community college is specified), which may or may not be part of a university. Someone who's asked "Where did you go to college?" will usually reply with just the name and not say "college" or "university"—e.g., "Swarthmore" (a college) or "Harvard" (a university).
  12. redgiant Senior Member

    Cantonese, Hong Kong
    Regarding "Where did you go to university?"
    Would it possibly be taken to mean "where is your university"/ "Where is your university located"? (Washington, New York City etc)
  13. Myridon

    Myridon Senior Member

    English - US
  14. Jukcyn New Member

    Thanks everybody!

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