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Hiro Sasaki

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Are the following sentences are common ?

1. Reservation is attended only in Japanese

2, Reservations are attended only in Japanese.

3. or are there any other natural ways of saying ?

Hiro Sasaki
  • Lexiphile

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    Both sentences make no sense to me. Can you give us some context, or at least explain what these reservations are and how they can be "attended"?

    One might attend a meeting or attend to one's work.


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    Now we're getting somewhere.

    This now makes it sound as though "reservations" are like "hotel reservations," except that here they are acceptable only in writing and, of course, only in Japanese.

    In that case, the sentence should be phrased in the plural, general sense, or else made more direct:

    Please submit your reservation in Japanese only.
    Reservations can be accepted in Japanese only.
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