attending alternate floors


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By mounting one car on top of another and attending alternate floors, this design allows more people to travel at any one time and reduces waiting time.

Source- Double-Deck Elevators- Otis Company

What is meant by "attending alternate floors"?

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    You have not given us much clue about your source for this.
    I am not 100% sure because it sounds like new technology and an unfamiliar context but it probably means that one car would stop at 1,3,5,7 etc and the other would stop at 2,4,6,8 etc.


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    The context suggests that Otis uses "attend" to mean "serve": serving alternate floors.


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    Double-deck elevator - Wikipedia
    For example, a passenger may board the lower deck (which serves only odd-numbered floors) on the concourse level while another passenger may board the upper deck (which serves even-numbered floors) on the ground floor. The cab serving even floors is actually on top of the cab serving odd floors in the same elevator shaft.
    It appears that suzi br has assumed correctly. Each cab serves alternate (rather than consecutive) floors.

    Source- Double-Deck Elevators- Otis Company
    Is this a website, a document, a video, ...?


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    The John Hancock tower in Boston's Back Bay district has these elevators. People who want to go to an odd-numbered floor enter an elevator at the ground floor (the first floor in U.S. terminology). People who want to go to an even-numbered floor take an escalator up one floor (to the second floor) and board an elevator there. One disadvantage is that your elevator might stop at the 20th floor, for example, en route to the 32nd where you have a meeting - even though nobody gets on or off there. It stopped to let someone get or or off the bottom half of the elevator at the 19th.
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